HCG Dosing Calculations

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The following table outlines how much mix to add to your hCG to get the correct dosing information. 'Diluent' is the mix you use with your HCG, i.e. bacterostatic water, vodka, sterile water, etc.

To make it even easier, here is a calculator to tell you how much mix to use:



<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.hcgloss.com/mixingcalc.js"></script> <noscript>Sorry your browser does not support Javascript or Javascript is turned off. The calculator will not work without Javascript</noscript><p><table align="center"><form name="hCG_calc"><tr><td colspan="2" align="center"><strong><h3>hCG Mixing Calculator</h3></strong></td></tr><tr><td>Amount of hCG Powder (IU):</td> <td><input value="" onkeydown="ForceNumericInput(this, true, false)" name="hcg_powder"></td></tr><tr><td>Preferred Injection Volume  (ml/cc):</td><td> <input value="" onkeydown="ForceNumericInput(this, true, false)" name ="cc_inject"></td></tr><tr><td>hCG dose per Injection (IU) (usually 125):</td> <td><input value="" onkeydown="ForceNumericInput(this, true, false)" name="hcg_inject"></td></tr><tr><td>Diluent Needed (ml/cc):</td><td> <input name="showMeArea" readonly="true" size="4"></td></tr><tr><td colspan="2" align="center"><input type="button" value="Calculate"OnClick="showMeArea.value=hcg_powder.value * cc_inject.value / hcg_inject.value ;"></td></tr></form></table>
<p><strong>NOTE:</strong> Insulin syringes are standardized for insulin, a 0.3cc holds 30 units, a 0.5cc holds 50 units, and a 1cc holds 100 units. 10 units is equal to 0.1cc. Since your hCG will be concentrated differently than insulin it will therefore not be following the same standard. Make it easy and use 0.3, 0.5 or 1cc as your preferred injection volume and get yourself the syringe of matching max volume. I use .5cc to dose. </p>

<p>You should mix with the diluent the hCG comes with for maximum effectiveness. The manufacturer has formulated their hCG powder to work best with their recommended diluent. This is usually either bacteriostatic water or sodium chloride .09%. This is true for both injections and for sublingual application of hCG.</p>




The powder comes in concentrated form and there is an amount of liquid to mix it with. If the amount they have given you is 1 ml then that will give you 1 ml of 5000 IU. This is far too small to try to divide up into 25 doses.  It is critical to note that every manufacturer creates an hCG mix that works best and maintains potency best when mixed with the liquid it is packaged with. This is true whether you are dosing with injections or sublingual.


For those of you who watched lots of youtube videos promoting mixing with alcohol, B12, colloidal silver, etc. Dr. Bellucsio, a South American doctor who has spent 10 years researching the sublingual application of hCG for weight loss has confirmed that mixing with the diluent recommended by the manufacturer is most effective. You can read his paper regarding this at http://www.oralhcg.com.

Now, they will only send 1ml liquid with your hCG. DON'T PANIC!! You just need to order or get more of that liquid to mix with your hCG. Here are some sources for getting the mixing liquids and kits:

Search 'sterile diluent' on Google to find other sources. You can also contact your local drugstore and see if they have the the diluents as well. I have used both the resources listed here and found them reliable, safe and fast.

IMPORTANT! DO NOT MIX TWO DIFFERENT LIQUIDS WITH THE HCG. The HCG may come with 1 ml of isotonic sodium chloride or bacteriostatic water. You only want to use "one" liquid to dissolve the powder, USE THE SAME TYPE OF LIQUID THAT YOUR HCG COMES WITH!


Here is a chart if you wish to use it to determine your dosage that way (though the calculator above is very fast and accurate)

1500 I.U. AMP
Daily Dose Amt. of Diluent to Add Volume to Inject Daily
125 IU 2.4ml 0.2CC
3.6ml 0.3CC
4.8ml 0.4CC
150 IU 1ml 0.1CC
2ml 0.2CC
3ml 0.3CC
4ml 0.4CC
175 IU 1.71ml 0.2CC
2.57ml 0.3CC
3.43ml 0.4CC
2000 I.U. AMP
Daily Dose Amt. of Diluent to Add Volume to Inject Daily
125 IU 3.2ml 0.2CC
4.8ml 0.3CC
6.4ml 0.4CC
150 IU 2.66ml 0.2CC
4ml 0.3CC
5.33ml 0.4CC
175 IU 2.285ml 0.2CC
3.428ml 0.3CC
4.571ml 0.4CC
5000 I.U. AMP
Daily Dose Amt. of Diluent to Add Volume to Inject Daily
125 IU 8ml 0.2CC
12ml 0.3CC
16ml 0.4CC
20ml 0.5CC
150 IU 6.66ml 0.2CC
10ml 0.3CC
13.33ml 0.4CC
16.66ml 0.5CC
175 IU 5.714ml 0.2CC
8.571ml 0.3CC
11.429ml 0.4CC

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