Doing hCG Under the Tongue (no shots!)

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Sublingual Technique:

SL isn't a terribly difficult technique. You just squirt the dose of hCG in your syringe or dropper into your mouth under your tongue and hold it there while it is absorbed. This takes about 1-2 minutes, and you should not eat or drink anything for 15 minutes before or after dosing.

It's really easy, just squirt the hCG mixture into your mouth under your tongue using the syringe. Get syringes that go to 1ml and have removable needles. You can often get these at drug stores, or even farm supply stores (animal dosing, sterile and safe for humans). If you don't want to do it that way, you can get a medicine dropper at your local pharmacy and squirt the mixture into that through the little hole at the bottom, keeping the glass tube of the dropper horizontal so that it will not run out or deep into the rubber bulb, then squirt it into your mouth with that.

As you salivate while holding the hCG mix under your tongue, don't swallow it, but hold it in your mouth as well. It shouldn't become a quantity to great to hold in your mouth, so don't worry about that. If it does, then you may swallow a bit of it. If it doesn't all stay under your tongue the entire time, no worries! In fact, it turns out that the area between cheek & gum also absorbs sublingually! If there isn't much left under your tongue should you peek, that is probably because much of it was absorbed through the membranes there, which is the mechanism by which SL works.

If you don't allow it to absorb sublingually, but swallow it instead, it is degraded in stomach acid significantly so that you really won't get an optimal amount.


It is possible to save $$$ by reusing supplies when doing sublingual dosing. You really don't need new amber vials for every mix. I would say you will need a new vial every round because the lid will be full of holes and start to let air in after that many times of accessing for your daily doses.  Just clean those syringes & needles out by flushing with boiling water well after each use.


It used to be thought that you needed to up the dosage from 125IU to 166IU in order to account for lessened uptake by doing sublingual, but Dr. Bellucsio has found in his study ( that 125IU twice daily works for most people. If you find that you are still really hungry after a week or so on the VLCD, then up your dose to 166IU twice daily. Try to take your doses as close to 12 hours apart each day as you can.


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