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Tips Using the VLCD

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Friday, 20 March 2009
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Tricks during the VLCD

  1. If your brain is used to so much glucose that you cannot concentrate well, try L-glutamine, the amino acid, which acts just like sugar in the brain.
  2. Personal care products that have not caused a gain in some people: Proactiv wash (not the lotion or the toner); organic spray "NA-PCA" Non-oily Natural moisturizer by "Twin Labs"; Pantene shampoo/conditioner (though it is likely that any regular shampoo/conditional can be used); Crest toothpaste (though any regular one should work); Secret deodorant has caused no issues and Irish Spring soap. It is likely that you can lose weight with all of your regular products to clean, but the moisturizers/lotions/make-up/etc. can cause problems.
  3. If you are having trouble going to the bathroom, you can try Smooth Move Tea (available at GNC); follow the directions on the package, but only drink half of it. Drinking only half prevents loose bowels and cramping. WARNING: Do NOT overuse laxative-type teas; read more here.
  4. If you are experiencing muscle twitches, you can try taking some extra magnesium.
  5. As strange as this may sound, exercise causes your weight loss to slow down, even the difference of walking 30 minutes or not can cause changes in your weight loss. From our experience, we believe you will lose the most weight if you are sedentary. We believe exercise builds muscle mass which weighs more than fat, so you still burn fat, but you stay at the same weight. Additionally, it has been said that muscles hold water around it while it "heals" from any type of exercise, whether it be walking or working out/cardio. Dr. Simeons explains this in Pounds and Inches: "[The muscles have a] retention of water which the tired circulation cannot at once elminiate." He also advises to not exert yourself while on the VLCD, anything more than a game of tennis, a vigorous swim, a run, a ride on horseback or a round of golf is too much.
  6. If something strange suddenly appears while using hCG (like rashes, acne, etc.), remember that fat cells store hormones, pesticides, and other toxins. When the body can't release the toxins through urine or sweat, it will lock the toxin into the fat cells to prevent the toxin from taking over your body. When you lose weight the abnormal fat cells are released which means that the toxins are simultaneously released and released into the bloodstream. If you had an experience with something in the past that gave you a problem, like a rash, it is probable that the weight loss will cause the problem to come back as the toxin (problem) is released. This is a good thing because it means the body is ridding itself of the store toxins. Also remember that many skin disorders have their root in the colon, therefore cleansing it can alleviate or eliminate the skin disorders.
  7. Potassium can be used to keep your strength up during the VCLD and the dose should range between 200-1000
  8. If you are not actually constipated, but are considered about not moving the bowels, you can try the salt water flush. It has the same effects of a colonic, but it costs nothing (or as much as sea salt). Here is a website that tells you what to do. Sea salt is always the best type of salt to use.
  9. The Debate over menses: to inject or not to inject, that is the question. Do you know who has the answer? YOU- decide for yourself, but remember Simeons says not to inject. With that being said, MANY people inject straight through with no problem. The reason provided for not administering injections is due to a higher chance of pregnancy. When injecting during your period, you have a chance of dropping more eggs under the influence of hCG, therefore being more fertile. If the possibility of pregnancy is not an issue, then you can continue the shots during your period. Learn more about estrogen and your menstrual period here. However, you must note that you should start your treatment is immediately after a period (per Dr. Simeons). He goes on to say that:

    "Treatment may also be started later, but it is advisable to have at least ten days in hand before the onset of the next period. Similarly, the end of a course should never be made to coincide with onset of menstruation. If things should happen to work out that way, it is better to give the last injection three days before the expected date of the menses so that a normal diet can he resumed at onset. Alternatively, at least three injections should be given after the period, followed by the usual three days of dieting. This rule need not be observed in such patients who have reached their normal weight before the end of treatment and are already on a higher caloric diet."

  10. If you believe that your hCG has lost its potency, you can test it by buying a cheap pregnancy test, and use a few drops of the hCG mixture (not your urine). If your hCG is potent, the test should show a positive result since all pregnancy tests look for hCG. Another alternative is buying ketone sticks (available in any pharmacy, possibly behind the counter) and test your urine to look for the presence of ketones. Burning fat usually emits ketones which are removed by the kidneys and released in urine. If you are releasing the abnormal fat deposits (as hCG enables), you should get a positive reading for ketones on the test if the hCG is still potent.
  11. Apple Cider Vinegar “Cocktail” can help digestion and hunger and burn fat. Drink one before each meal. Use 1 TBSP in 3-4oz of water with a few drops of Stevia.
  12. To treat bad breath, you can munch on fresh parsley. As an added bonus, it has a mild diuretic effect. To count calories, 10 sprigs have 4 calories.
  13. If you are a gum chewer, buy some cinnamon sticks, break them in half & chew them. They will eventually dry out & you can reuse them anytime. To always have one on hand, keep one in your car, at work, and your purse. You could also use anise seeds (like the East Indians) which are like licorice for "candy" or as a breath freshener.
  14. Water is extremely important for the protocol to work; if you are not a water drinker you can try zero calorie, zero carb fruit flavoring packets which come in about 8 different flavors. For subtle flavor, use only half a packet. Recommended flavors include peach, mixed berry, and strawberry kiwi.
  15. Many people have had difficulty getting out that last shot of the glass vial. You can pull the needle out of the bottle so that only the opening of the needle is touching the solution. That should help you take in most of the mixture.
  16. To maximize weight loss, you need to remember your entire well-being. Don't forget stress reduction, sleep, and toxin reduction.
  17. Keep in mind that everyone loses weight in different periods of time. Some people set their expectations too high and feel like a failure (which is completely NOT true). There are many slow losers, just remember to not give up. Let your body lose at the speed it needs to, and keep your eyes on the goal. You will eventually reach your goal.
  18. For those who don't want to share their diet secrets (the hCG protocol) with family and friends (due to questions and criticisms), you can tell them you are on a cleanse and eating clean, whole foods with no sugars, dairy, gluten, or preservatives. This should keep them off your case.

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